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Our club never takes sides but our speakers do

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The Columbia Basin Badger Club is an exciting and vibrant organization dedicated to civil discourse

of the important topics of the day.  We pride ourselves in being non-partisan.  Our club never takes sides, but our speakers do, and the result is often a lively discussion that improves our understanding of the world around us.


Speakers at our monthly forums have spanned a wide range of ideas and opinions that have included legalization of marijuana, same sex marriage, and the proposals to remove the lower Snake River dams to name just a few. 

And our lineup of topics for 2017 promises to be just as stimulating and enlightening.

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What Do We Know About Minimum Wage?


What Do We Know About the Minimum Wage Impacts?
April, 2015 wage law went into effect and increased the minimum wage to $11.  January, 2016 the next phase of the law adjusted the minimum wage again to $13 per hour.  The city of Seattle wanted to take things further and they increased their wage to $15 per hour.
University of Washington research team was hired to determine its impacts.  UW provided the second part of their study to the Seattle City Council July of 2016.
“As the head of the UW research team, Professor Jacob Vigdor, summed up:

“While the vibrant local economy is boosting employment and incomes up and down the economic ladder, the positive effects of a higher minimum wage are being at least partly offset by cutbacks in hours.”” (Washington Policy Center)
Looking specifically at just the restaurant industry  a similar study using similar,  “methods to reach seemingly the opposite conclusion: A report from the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment at the University of California, Berkeley, found that Seattle’s minimum wage, “raises pay without costing jobs,”   (FiveThirtyEight, June 2017) Casselman, the chief Economics writer at had discussed the reports in June
Our discussion will uncover the unintended consequences for low wage workers who were supposed to be the beneficiaries. Looking at this data, what are the statewide unintended consequences of our higher statewide minimum wage?  How do we place young, unskilled and inexperienced workers into job environments to gain skill sets and experience? With the uncertainty from the various reports are the “unintended consequences” even real?

Speaker: Dean T. Schau

From 1979 to 2010 Dean worked as the Regional Labor Economist with Washington State in conjunction with the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Has started working as an Economics instructor teaching basic microeconomics and macroeconomics with intermittent classes in economic/political issues and a class in Comparative Economic Systems in 1979. First started out teaching nights but became a full-time professor in 1986 and making the state job part-time.
Received his B.A. in economics conferred by Central Washington State University and M.A. in economics conferred by Washington State University.


                               When: Thursday September 28, 2017 

                 Where: 11:30am Richland Shilo Inn


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And part of what makes this club so special is that members ask questions directly of our speakers and

can expect direct answers and a better understanding of the issue.

All our forums are open to the public and we invite everyone to join and share in the benefits that the club provides.  The name Columbia Basin Badger Club reflects our tenacity to seek out clear information, yet we maintain a sense of humor and civility as we tackle the tough issues that are before us.

If this makes sense to you then you are just the person that the Badger Club is seeking. 

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