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Badger Club Members in Action

The Call to Action is a new program for the Columbia Basin Badger Club.

The Badgers Club never takes side but members and speakers do.

The idea is that after attending a Badger Forum there are things that you can choose to do such as influence public policy.   

Each of our speakers will be asked to make suggestions about how members could be involved.  


Summary from speakers - April 24th Forum - Whose Religious Rights?:

David K DeWolf

  • Call or write your state representative and senator and tell them you favor adding RFRA protections to our state statutes

  • Support organizations like the Alliance Defending Freedom or the Family Policy Institute of Washington which promote religious freedom

  • Consider your own religious tradition and take it seriously—don’t be “lukewarm”

Jill Mullins-Cannon  - handout Link

  • Make a plan to learn about a different culture, if it's a religion, pick a substantially different religion than yours (i.e.,. if you are a denomination of Christian, pick a non-Christian religion). Learn the holidays and/or important cultural events, Learn what their holidays are, how they celebrate them, what their beliefs are, how they are similar and different from you. Barriers to their ability to practice their faith, for example Judaism requires 10 Jews present for a Minyan to be able to get out the Torah to read it

  • Think about this with regard to other identities, i.e., being disabled and in a wheel chair.  Spend time for a week or a month imagining that you have this other identity and think about the barriers to inclusion in our mainstream society that exist for them.

  • When you hear about new laws and new versions of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and people seem be claiming that it is similar to other version, see if it passes the smell test. Is it being invoking to help a minority religion be able to practice beliefs despite secular laws that may place a substantial burden on their ability to exercise their religion, or does the context make it clear that this is an effort to create a law that allows people to discriminate against another group (i.e., the LGBTQ community). If it doesn't pass the smell test, take a stand against the law.


Other Tools:

The following is a Guide to Crafting Your Message to officials:

1.      Introduce yourself and where you live, I’m a constituent

2.      What is the issue that you are concerned about?

3.      Why is this important to you?

4.      Why is this issue important to our community/state?

5.      What do you want your representative to do?

Directory of elected officials from LOWV: Link