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Discussing Issues That Shape Our Future

Our club never takes sides but our speakers do

Want to know more about the Badgers?

History? Who we are? How we decide on forums? Let us come tell you!

The Columbia Basin Badger Club is an exciting and vibrant organization dedicated to civil discourse

of the important topics of the day.  We pride ourselves in being non-partisan.  Our club never takes sides, but our speakers do, and the result is often a lively discussion that improves our understanding of the world around us.


Speakers at our monthly forums have spanned a wide range of ideas and opinions that have included legalization of marijuana, same sex marriage, and the proposals to remove the lower Snake River dams to name just a few. 

And our lineup of topics for 2017 promises to be just as stimulating and enlightening.

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November 14 Event: 
Mid Columbia Reads withAlexander McCall Smith


Our Mid-Columbia Reads literary festival is underway, and we’re proud to welcome international bestselling author Alexander McCall Smith for a special visit Nov. 14 at the Columbia Basin College Gjerde Center. A dinner reception takes place from 5 to 6:30 pm and is followed by the author's presentation at 7 pm, which is free and open to the public. A book signing will follow his presentation with books available for purchase from Adventures Underground.


A limited number of dinner tickets are now available to purchase at $40 each. The ticket price includes dinner catered by CG Public House, a bagpiper, and a meet and greet session with the author. Please click on the link to purchase your dinner tickets online. First come, first seated.

When: Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Where: 7:00 pm, Columbia Basin College


  or Email 
  or Call our message phone at 628-6011

 Cost: FREE

November 16 Forum: 
Society's Schizophrenic View of Motherhood

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We often have an idealized picture of the American family during the 1950s. Fathers supported the family by “bringing home the bacon” while mothers stayed home nurturing the children and ensuring that the household was well-run. The truth is that a little over a third of women, even after they married, were working outside the home in 1950. They were also spending a lot less time with their children than mothers do today. According to a University of California, Irvine study mothers, in 1965, spent an average of 54 minutes caring for children compared to 104 minutes per day in 2012.


Fast forward to today and women feel greater pressure to contribute financially and to ensure that they are protected economically in case they get divorced. Yet, they also feel pulled, especially when their children are young, to be their children’s primary caregiver.


These twin pressures are no longer felt by only by women. With our changing understanding about the need for engaged fathers, men are increasingly feeling the same kinds of stresses. The distinction is that it is less acceptable in the United States for men to take time out of their careers to care for young children, leaving professional women more frequently to weigh the trade-offs of career advancement and nurturing their children. Of course, this is not an option faced by female-headed households or those below the poverty line.


This month’s forum looks at government policies aimed at families and asks to what extent they ease these tensions and to what extent the programs exacerbate them. We will compare the menu of American options with those of Germany to see whether the American values of economic participation and nurturing our children could be better served by a different set of supportive policies.

When: Thursday, November 16, 2017 

Where: 11:30 am Richland Shilo Inn


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  or Call our message phone at 628-6011

 Cost: Member $20, Non-Members $25, Day of Event $30

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And part of what makes this club so special is that members ask questions directly of our speakers and

can expect direct answers and a better understanding of the issue.

All our forums are open to the public and we invite everyone to join and share in the benefits that the club provides.  The name Columbia Basin Badger Club reflects our tenacity to seek out clear information, yet we maintain a sense of humor and civility as we tackle the tough issues that are before us.

If this makes sense to you then you are just the person that the Badger Club is seeking. 

We invite you to join us. 

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