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Results of 2019 Annual Badger Club Board Member Elections
Published on: 12/27/2018
After the Annual Meeting the results of the election will be posted.
Board Elections
Published on: 2/1/2015
Elected or re-elected to the board
Want more news about Badgers? See pictures and more from recent forums?
Published on: 11/17/2014
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Congratulations to our new board members!!
Published on: 3/3/2014
Welcome 'a-board'!!!

John Fox, Class of 2015, one year
Hank Sauer, Class of 2015, one year
Tom Adams, Class of 2015, one year
Bill Pennell, Class of 2016, two years
Andy Perdue, Class of 2017, three years
Pat Turner, Class of 2017, three years
Miriam Kerzner, Class of 2017, three years
Jack Briggs, Class of 2017, three years
Russ Burtner, Class of 2017, three years
Community collaboration topic of Badger meeting
Published on: 3/17/2012
Cam community groups work together?
Have Political Parties Outlived their Usefulness?
Published on: 4/25/2012
The 90-minute lunch forum will explore whether excessive partisanship has destroyed elected officials' ability to govern, whether the existing two-party system and campaign finance policies limit the number of qualified candidates who run, whether a realistic ability to select candidate through non-traditional means exists, and whether Washington's top two primary allows independent candidates to run and be nominated.
More nuclear power good for Tri-Cities, expert says
Published on: 7/29/2011
Demonstrating and producing small modular nuclear power reactors or producing and distributing radioisotopes makes sense for the Tri-City area as Hanford employment declines, said Mike Lawrence, who spoke Thursday at the Columbia Basin Badger Club in Kennewick. By Annette Cary, Tri-City Herald
Doctors remind people to plan for end of their lives
Published on: 4/23/2011
"Life is a terminal disease."

The one-liner from Dr. Jeremy Blanchard elicited chuckles from the 100 or so people who attended a Columbia Basin Badger Club forum Friday. By Michelle Dupler, Herald staff writer
Kadlec, KGH, Lourdes CEOs worry about future
Published on: 12/4/2010
The three CEOs of the Tri-City hospitals painted a gloomy picture for the future of health care Friday, talking of rising costs and falling payments to doctors and hospitals. By Michelle Dupler, Herald staff writer
Prosser may shop elsewhere
Published on: 9/26/2010
At the Badger Club debate on the county seat issue, a question was posed concerning west Benton County households switching their retail, medical and service expenditures from Kennewick and Richland to Yakima and Union Gap.
Give a little more time and money to help the needy
Published on: 9/3/2010
It's not a healthy equation. In the Tri-Cities, the cost of living is relatively low and job growth is steady, yet demand for social services is on the rise. It doesn't make sense. But that's the reality, according to Tri-City social service professionals. Tri City Herald Staff
Tri-City group debates immigration reform
Published on: 7/31/2010
Kennewick Councilman Bob Parks and immigration attorney Tom Roach of Pasco agreed on one thing: Immigration reform is needed.
And both said the nation needs to put more emphasis on border enforcement and mandatory verification of a person's right to work in the United States by employers before hiring. Not complying with the law should be a crime, they said. By Pratik Joshi, Herald staff writer
Hanford land has potential after cleanup, leaders say
Published on: 5/22/2010
The Hanford nuclear reservation is getting cleaned up, and some of its land will be available for new uses in 2015, just when Hanford employment is dropping, said Gary Petersen, Tri-City Development Council vice president of Hanford programs. By Annette Cary, Herald staff writer
Medical marijuana debate heats up at Badger Club
Published on: 5/1/2010
By Michelle Dupler, Herald staff writer

A local prosecutor and a medical marijuana patient faced off at the Columbia Basin Badger Club on Friday over the state law allowing therapeutic use of the drug. By Michelle Dupler, Herald staff writer
Firing of Juan Williams, NYC mosque and the Imam
Published on: 10/31/2010
A question was asked of Kaleem Ullah, Imam of the Tri-Cities Islamic Center, at Friday's Badger Club forum in Kennewick about the firing of Juan Williams as an analyst for National Public Radio. Tri City Herald Staff
Badger Club debates Muslims' patriotism
Published on: 10/30/2010
Are Muslims patriotic Americans? The Columbia Basin Badger Club varied from its usual spirited debate format Friday and instead offered a platform for Imam Kaleem Ullah of the Tri-Cities Islamic Center to talk about Muslims in America.
Social service agencies seeing increased demand
Published on: 8/28/2010
People working in social services in the Tri-Cities are seeing a rising demand despite the relatively stable local economy. By Michelle Dupler, Herald staff writer
Environmental group leader debates dams
Published on: 12/5/2009
Getting rid of the Snake River dams could ignite regional interest in diversifying energy development and support for spending billions of dollars to upgrade highways and railroad systems for more efficient transportation of wheat overseas, the conservation director of American Rivers argued Friday. By John Trumbo, Herald staff writer
Reservoir costly but good idea
Published on: 2/28/2009
A $7 billion reservoir in Black Rock Valley west of the Tri-Cities may be expensive, but the idea of drawing water from the Columbia River for Yakima Basin irrigation is a good one, speakers told about 120 people in Richland on Friday. By John Trumbo, Herald staff writer
Badger Club hears scientists discuss global warming issues
Published on: 3/28/2009
Global warming is real and the consequences will be bad if things continue the way they are going, two scientists told the Columbia Basin Badger Club in Kennewick on Friday. By John Trumbo, Herald staff writer
Proper hygiene, info best defense vs. all flu types
Published on: 9/26/2009
Making people aware of flu health risks will be helpful in dealing with the newly identified H1N1 influenza, also known as swine flu, said two experts during a Friday community forum sponsored by the Columbia Basin Badger Club. By Pratik Joshi, Herald staff writer
Tri-Cities police chiefs talk gangs, education, drug courts
Published on: 10/31/2009
The Tri-Cities' three police chiefs focused on gangs, education and the impending loss of drug courts while speaking at the Columbia Basin Badger Club's Friday luncheon. By Drew Foster, Herald staff writer
Tri-City college officials optimistic about future
Published on: 5/22/2009
Local higher education officials are looking beyond the current budget crisis to plans for the future. By Michelle Dupler, Herald staff writer
Obama's transition team to hear Tri-City health care ideas
Published on: 1/12/2009
Health care is a right, not a privilege, health care officials and community members who attended last month's Columbia Basin Badger Club forum on health care reform agreed by a margin of 6-1.
Laura Kate Zaichkin, Herald staff writer
Health district funding stability crucial, say forum participants
Published on: 1/24/2009
Finding a stable funding source for the Benton-Franklin Health District is crucial to ensure the well-being of Mid-Columbia residents. By Laura Kate Zaichkin, Herald staff writer
Tri-Citians mull health care reform
Published on: 12/31/2008
As Curt Freed, dean of Columbia Basin College's health sciences department, hung three poster-sized sheets of suggestions for improving the nation's health, Dr. Larry Jecha put his hand on his shoulder. "I hope you solved our problems," said the Benton-Franklin Health District's health office. By Laura Kate Zaichkin, Herald staff writer
House Speaker Chopp chats with Badger Club in Kennewick
Published on: 12/13/2008
House Speaker Frank Chopp said Washington's projected deficit may not be as bad as it looks. By Michelle Dupler, Herald staff writer
Financial plan urged for baby boomers at Pasco club meeting
Published on: 11/1/2008
Baby boomers who are uncertain about their financial futures need to "understand what they own and what they owe" even though facing money issues can be scary. Ingrid Stegemoeller, Herald staff writer
Tenacious but civil A— tall order for new group
Published on: 5/1/2008
The editorial board met this morning with some of the founding members of the Columbia Basin Badgers, a new club that’s hoping to sponsor an ongoing community forum for civic discourse.